Rebel Lovers California tour in June/July 2019

The Rebel Lovers have been invited to play a concert for the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, CA, and are currently booking more shows to fill out their California tour in June and July. Renee has an instrument and a video on display in the accordion exhibition at this music museum, run by the NAMM organization. (North American Music Manufacturers.) She’s also featured prominently in the press about the exhibit, you can read more about it here:

The Rebel Lovers are Renee de la Prade, (from San Francisco, now based in Hamburg; button accordion, ukulele, vocals, and stompbox,) and Ingo Braeuning (from east Germany, now based in Hamburg; drums.) Their music is a high-energy blend of rock, blues, soul, New Orleans and Cajun music, with a mighty sound, despite the compact band size. Renee’s unique accordion style has been influenced a lot by her love of power chords and her passionate commitment to old grooves; especially, classic American grooves from the 40’s-70’s. Ingo brings his own passion and style to the band, bringing a solid beat to anchor that wailing, shaking button-box.

The best video of this band is their cover of Aretha Franklin’s song “Baby I Love You”, viewable here:

To contact the Rebel Lovers with a booking or press inquiry, send an email to Renee at

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